Brain Exercise


My brain has been on an extended vacation for over 13 years. Yes………..extended. I started classes back up last fall, but ethics, statistics and algebra aren’t that hard. Now I’m learning Anatomy and Physiology with a focus on chemistry and biochemistry the past two weeks. So yes, my brain is back to work and it likes the work. It’s kinda like when you take a long vacation and you love every second, but when you get home your ready to work again and get back to a schedule. That’s how my brain feels. As I sat in the library yesterday studying endocytosis, phagocytosis, pinocytosis, receptor-mediated cytosis and exocytosis (don’t I sound smart??)  even though it took a little time digest it all and a lot of re-reading, I started to comprehend. Then as any dork would do, I listened to the MP3 version of “membrane transport” as a review on my way to pick Sophie up from preschool. I really enjoyed the “back from vacation and back to work” brain I’ve been using the past two weeks. It’s clicking and I’m getting it and I’m so weird, but I love Anatomy and Physiology.

My composition class is equally fun and hopefully that class will help me write gooder  better, especially here : )

Additionally, today was my first day back to volunteering in Critical Care and I enjoyed every second. It’s great to be back at it.


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