School Wife

I’d like you to meet my school wife. Her name is Janet Lewallen. Together we’re called “The LewWebber’s”. We met in A&P I lab class after competing against one another to be the first to answer questions when our teacher asked. She sat at the bench in the front row (always trying to upstage me)  and I sat at the bench right behind her. It didn’t take her long to figure out that I was a pure threat when she’d hear my little proud voice try and answer before she did, and eventually we decided to initiate conversation. We realized that instead of competing, maybe we should become allies and help each other out. We quickly realized we had a lot in common; both of us have two daughters (around the same age), both of us volunteer at a local hospital, both of us LOVE science, both of us want to be nurses, both of still REALLY like our husbands (who both hate disgusting medical/bodily stuff), both of us want all A’s (but who doesn’t), both of us suck up to our teachers (and they ALWAYS love us), both of us believe in hard work, both of us actually like class, both of us get very excited when studying E. coli or Stapphylococcus, both of us like watching disgusting You-tube videos about odd diseases or crazy surgeries  and the list goes on for miles. Since our husbands our grossed out by these things, and it excites us so much, we have one another to discuss the things that are gross, like the disease Plague, which you can read about by clicking on the word if you like gross stuff too. It’s a very fascinating story if you have time to read it.

After we became allies, we started studying together and it was a true advantage because two minds are better than one…. right?!?! After our first semester together was complete, we went on to take A&P II together and now we are in Microbiology lecture and lab together. Hopefully we’ll be accepted into the nursing program together. As we approached our first Microbiology exam today, there was a lot of studying to be done. For the past week we’ve been taking text-a-quizzes, which are texts back and forth between us with possible questions that we think may be on the test. It’s been great because there were a few things I would have never thought of studying had Janet not sent her text-a-quiz and  the same on her end.

Yesterday was a busy day of text-a-quiz questions and at one point Janet asked me what an Italophile is. I had absolutely NO clue and here’s how the rest of the text messages went:

Lorena: Wow……don’t recall ever seeing Italiphiles…..I guess I need to reread.

Janet: They like to live in a high concentration of salt. Think ‘Italians prefer salt” (Janet loves mnemonics….she’s the queen of mnuemonics)

Lorena: Ok……I don’t have anything in my notes or review sheet about them. Maybe I overlooked it…..huh… I’m scared.

Janet: It’s in the notes…..I’ll find it…

Lorena: I haven’t finished listening to the lectures yet. Thanks for the heads up

Janet: It’s after stink pee pee (one of Janet’s mnemonic) protease- under osmotic pressure.

Lorena: Ok. Thanks

Then the text-a-quiz questions resumed and that was the end of the mysterious “italiphiles” term for the moment because I was in Target and could not look up Italiphiles.

Fast forward to 8 p.m. The text-a-quiz is still going. We’ve been studying and texting all day long and at one point I had to charge my phone. I decide to look up Italiophiles because I’m nervous by the fact that I have no clue of what it is and have no recollection of any discussion about it. I’m thinking how many other things do I not know. So I started turning pages quickly and stumbled upon the word Halophiles. The definition is: high concentrations of salt. Huh…same definition as Italiophiles. So I text Janet…..

Lorena: earlier you asked me if I knew what italiophiles are….did you mean to ask halophiles??????

Janet: No. Those are 2 different things. Italiophiles prefer salty conditions. Halophiles can survive in them but are not naturally from them.

ok that sounds reasonable, but I’m not convinced……let me look it up on google. 

So I google it and find NOTHING about Italiophiles being a high salt concentration lover. No, nothing. Instead, I find out that Italiophile is a real word according to Wikipedia…

Lorena: My notes say halophiles prefer high salt concentrations. Italiophiles are admirers of Italy and it’s culture, society, art and people!! I think you’re confused. Lol. Look it up. I want to see where you see Italiophiles in our notes. Maybe you’re trying to trick me.

Janet: I’m looking woman!

Lorena: You’re crazy and I’m definitely an Itialophile!……..OMG, can’t stop laughing right now……Italiophile…..too much studying…….and I thought I was losing my mind because I had never heard of it before…..I guess we both learned something new today

Janet: Haha my handwriting! My halo looks like I talo. I’m an Italiophile too! Bahaha


Lorena: that’s hilarious, and to think that Itialophile is a real word too. This one would be a good one to share with Dr. Menard……”we know that certain bacteria are halophiles, but , the LewWebber’s are definitely more Italiophile in nature. ( I’m part Italian too and really want to visit Italy and enjoy the culture, food, people and art someday).

Lorena: Hi, I’m Lorena and I’m an Italiophile!

Janet: Hahaha. OMG, I was totally studying that too. Lolol. I am wondering who will get an A and who will be late tomorrow (for the test) because they stopped for a slice of lasagna 😉

Lorena: Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha (hysterically). I needed a good laugh tonight…thank you! (see we make each other laugh)

Janet: Can you imagine if I had written that!!!

Lorena: that’s why we have each other….that’s totally something I would do or say, so that’s why I’m laughing so much…..finally not me. Lol

Janet: Lol. I had come up with a mnemonic and everything!

Lorena: I know….and I thought it was a brilliant one too (Italians love salt). I definitely had that one locked in my brain until I decided to do a little more research. So funny.

(Ok, so I do realize that this may not be funny to anyone else, but that’s ok, because it’s funny to the LewWebber’s!)

………and the text-a-quiz went on.

This is why Janet is my school wife. I saved her from stating that Italiophiles prefer salt (which wasn’t even on the test today), she saves me a seat in the front row every Tues. and Thurs., I purchase scantrons for both of us for our tests, she makes sure to have extra #2 pencils in case I forget mine, I make sure she remembers that animal virus penetration occurs through endocytosis or fusion, she reminds me that Gram positive bacteria are purple, I help her with spelling words like Sporangiospores an candida albicans (I won 2nd place in the spelling bee in elementary school), she comes up with the BEST mnemonics for remembering things that may be on the test and she helps me remember to always go with my first answer when taking a test. We always want the other to succeed and if one of us makes a B, then it’s ok, as long as the other makes an A for the LewWebber team. Lastly and most importantly, we make each other laugh a lot, which is a requirement when studying such hard and serious subjects like A&P and Microbiology. it’s important to stop and laugh.

Here’s a little secret only a wife would know about her school wife……Janet loves listening to rap music before taking an exam….it calms her down. Thanks for a great 3 great semesters Janet…I only hope and pray we get into the nursing program together!

BTW, I’m taking the night off from studying to be with my home husband tonight!


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