I finished Microbiology. I made a high A in lecture and lab. The class was great. My professor was amazing. I loved every minute despite  all the negative comments I heard about Micro. prior to taking the class, from my fellow nurse and doctor friends.

Microbiology grade

Now I’m all set to apply for the nursing program. The application process starts in the spring and then when I get accepted, (which I will because I have a 4.0 GPA) then I will begin classes in the Fall.

I can’t wait. I can’t believe I’m so much closer to one of my goals in life.

Oh, and I started a new job. In order to get a little experience, open the doors for opportunities for scholarships and place myself in an environment that will help me succeed in my future goals, I recently applied for a Patient Care Tech position at Bayfront. At the same time I was “talking” with Bayfront, Mease Dunedin, the hospital I volunteer at weekly, offered me a job as well.

I went back and forth but ultimately decided on Bayfront because they have a Level II trauma center (that will soon be a Level I) and a big Emergency Department. Because my goal is to become a trauma nurse or work in the E.R., I felt it was a better fit. It all fell into place because I’ve been placed in Med/Surg Trauma and will be working closely with trauma surgeons and nurses. Every time I mention that I’m in that department to a nurse at Bayfront, they inform me that I will get so much experience in that department and that I will love it.

I started with a preceptor on the floor today. That was crazy. Trauma is intense, but interesting. I could tell you all kinds of stories but I won’t because you may stop eating your evening snack. I didn’t eat dinner tonight and don’t plan on it.

Here are only some of the emotions I’ve been feeling this week:

Excited: trauma has always been my dream

Slightly nervous: This is a whole new world after 7.5 years of being a stay at home momma, which brings me to my next emotion…

Traitor: Am I betraying my girls and Doug by going to work? I’ve been at  almost everything that they were ever involved in and witnessed every milestone since birth. I already miss them. Perhaps I will spend more quality time with them now. Not that I didn’t before, but sometimes as a momma, one can mistake “being” with their children as really being there with them. In all actuality being in the same room with your children (all the time) is not at all  the same as really being with them (quality).

Bittersweet: (bitter part) a new chapter of my life has arrived and I remember like it was yesterday, leaving St. Luke’s (former employer) to deliver Sara and be a full time momma. It was an  exciting time. Now Sophie’s almost in kindergarden. That makes me sad. (sweet part), I’m excited to pursue my lifelong dream of becoming a trauma nurse and I’m still a wife and momma. I won’t change being Sara and Sophie’s momma. I will only work 3 days of the week, so I will still be home a lot. The schedule  and manager is very flexible, and I get PTO, which means I’ll still be traveling with Doug and taking anniversary trips.

Productive: with less time, I get a lot more done. I realize that I will only have a certain amount of time in the day and that time has to be used wisely and only on things that matter.

Thankful:  I have wonderful help getting the girls to school and home from school on the days I work. One of my best girlfriends, who is also a nanny is helping with the girls in the morning and is about to move (literally) right across the street. I’m so excited that she’ll be so close and not only  because its convenient for me with the girls, but also because I love that I can meet her on her front porch for wine in the evenings or we can tan on the dock together during the summer. My wonderful sitter Savannah, who has been our sitter for a long while now is helping in the afternoon until Doug gets home. Everything has fallen into place too nicely.

Perhaps all of this writing was more for me; a way to sort out all of my emotions and feelings. I haven’t had a second to stop and think about how I feel about all of it. All I know is that I really wanted to work in trauma and in a hospital next semester since I won’t be in class and that’s exactly what happened. Now I have to sort through it all in my mind.

Goodbye little dresses. Hello frumpy (but very comfortable) scrubs. At least I have days off to wear my dresses and perhaps I can find some cute shoes for the days I wear scrubs.


So there you have it.  I look forward to a fun weekend and the holidays with my family. Merry Christmas friends and family. xo

P.S. We had a fun holiday weekend that I want to write about, but I’m having trouble transferring photo’s from my camera. I’ll tell you about it later.


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