My Favorite Things

After work these days, my favorite things to come home to are:

Sara and Sophie wine food

Doug’s been so supportive and wonderful during this time of adjustment . On the days I work, he always has a glass of wine ready for me and a fabulous meal prepared. He’s been the primary chef in our home anyways, but after working for 12 hours, I really appreciate it. It inspires me to be better at cooking for him. I’m going to try a few new recipes next week.

Most nights, as soon as we tuck the girls in bed and eat dinner, I fall right to sleep. The 12 hour shift, especially in the unit I work on, is non-stop and hard core running around all day long. You would not believe what rolls into our unit on a daily basis: gun shots wounds (GSW), bridge jumpers (last one jumped from a short bridge into deep water) and other suicide attempts, prison inmates, young 20 something who jumped from a moving car, a million motorcycle accident victims, car crash victims, homeless people and the list goes on. I’m not making this up! I love it, but I’m so thankful to come home to my family at the end of the day. I cherish every second of being with my girls and Doug, sleeping, cleaning my house, cappuccinos, dock time and sleeping in on the weekends.

I just applied for the nursing program last weekend. I’m so excited! I won’t find out if I’ve been accepted until late June/early July. I feel pretty confident that I’ll get in since its all based on GPA. My nursing GPA is 4.0………just in case I haven’t already told you that : )

Hope you have a great week!!


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