Hello There!

I very much dislike that I don’t have the time to write as often as I’d like. So lately I cram a lot of content into one post. I don’t want to look back someday and see a year of posts missing. So, here goes a really long post.

Every second matters to me now. Every second. So if I don’t call or talk to you as often as I used to, its not because I don’t love you anymore, its just because, when I’m not working my full time job, I’m spending time with Doug and my girls, managing our  home (or painting the home), studying for the TEAS exam (nursing entrance exam) or cramming in errands that should have been done a week prior. I know you think I’m talking about you, but I promise you I’m not. As I write this post…..honestly….. there isn’t one person that comes to my mind that has made me feel like I “haven’t been there”, its only me feeling like I wish I could be more available as a friend, sister, daughter, cousin granddaughter etc. But, I sincerely appreciate all the support and understanding throughout this busy season in our lives, and I think you know I need to be with Doug and girls above all else right now. I’m finally going after a lifelong goal and working very hard for what I want as well as trying to maintain some kind of normalcy for Doug and the girls. They were used to having momma home for nearly 8 years. I also realize there are people out there that are 10 times busier than me, but I also understand my personal limits. I have learned though, that the busier I become, the more I accomplish, and not just “to do’s” but priorities, like time to myself and time with Doug and the girls. I have also realized that I’m capable of much more then I thought. Its been quite the learning experience for me.

Things will get busier as Fall approaches. I anxiously await to find out if I’ve been accepted into the nursing program. I will find out no later then July 1st, but I could find out earlier. I try and convince myself daily that I definitely won’t find out til July 1st in an attempt to stop obsessively checking my e-mail every 30 seconds, but I still check my e-mail every 30 seconds, except the days I work. I get relief from my obsessive insanity on the days I work because I simply don’t have time to check my e-mail. I work on a busy trauma unit for 12 1/2 hours each shift and there is simply no time. I love my job though! I’m so happy to have this experience, because although its busy and crazy ( I mean really crazy stuff sometimes), I know without a doubt that I’m created to care for others and I know I’ll be a great nurse. I say that humbly.

There you go! Those are my random thoughts for the night! Here’s what’s happening on the home front lately:

Savannah the girls’ nanny, just graduated high school and will be leaving for school in the Fall. She has been a wonderful nanny to the girls and they are very sad that she isn’t going to be their lifelong nanny. They’ve had a lot of summer fun with her so far and they’re looking forward to lots more fun. Congrats on your graduation Savannah!! You’re going to rock it. And promise that when you’re gone you’ll visit the girls on the weekends!!

Savannah and the girlsSavannah and the girls

Allie (my cousins sweet baby girl) just turned 1! I can’t believe it and then again I can, because I really  can’t believe that Sara will be 8! One year seems like one day these days! I’m starting to understand the famous phrase uttered from the mouths of empty nesters which advices “enjoy every moment because it goes way too fast”. Happy 1st birthday Allie. You are a beautiful little girl!

Allie turns 1

Sunday we celebrated Doug! I took him for a long kayak ride to Philippe Park for a picnic lunch which consisted of  assorted cheese, olives and artichoke hearts, bread, sliced meat and wine. Then we spent the afternoon getting manicures and pedicures at our favorite salon downtown followed my a beer at the pub on Main. We napped in the afternoon and went to dinner (just the two of us) that evening. We had a lovely tapas meal at The Living Room. Monday night after work we took the girls to dinner to celebrate Fathers Day with them. A Father needs a day of spoiling and  time with the family. Doug, you’re AMAZING!! The girls and I love you deeply and we thank you for everything you give and do for us. You pour so much into our lives, wether it be a listening ear, great advice, a wonderful meal, a fun weekend or continual support. I’m so glad I get to live my life with you, raise two beautiful girls with you and experience the best with you! You continually inspire and amaze me. Happy Fathers Day babe!

Tuesday night we celebrated my Dad on Fathers Day. My Father has taught me and my siblings the attributes of love, patience and self control (although occasionally I don’t practice self control). I think if my dad had been born in a different era, he would have been a nurse and an awesome one at that. He’d probably laugh at the thought, but he’s great with people and he’s aways looking for ways to lend a hand. It was one of the greatest things he taught me growing up. We spent a lot of time in the nursing home with our adopted grandparents and our house was always open to people who needed family. Before my parents conceived me and my siblings, they opened their home to people who didn’t have a home and because they were young with big hearts, occasionally they took in people that may have taken advantage. I think those people (who were probably prone to dishonesty) couldn’t help but fall in love with the loving hippies that my parents were back in the day. I think I take after my dad a great deal when it comes to his love and passion to help others. Thanks dad for teaching me to think beyond myself and care. I love you! Happy Fathers Day!

playing with cousins at Mia and Pappa's to celebrate Father's Day

Doug’s in Austin working with the rockstar drummer, Todd Sucherman from Styx. He’s having a great time! Todd and Doug always have a great time together and they’ve become really great friends. I got to hear all about their fabulous night out as they enjoyed bloody caesar drinks, every kind of animal meat from one of the best restaurants in Austin, and then spent the night in deep conversation about life at Todd and Taylor’s house until 1:30 am. I wish I could have been there.  I’m so happy that Doug gets to do what he loves and make a living while doing it.

On the set in Todd's studio

While Daddy’s away its the girls and my tradition to eat sushi (well they like Goyoza and I eat the sushi) and have a sleepover in my bed. It’s their favorite thing to do and I love it too.


Sophie LOVES soy sauce

Sara and Sophie slumber party

Tonight, my nieces Molly and Ruby are staying the night. We had pizza and watched a movie followed by two scoops of ice cream. The younger girls (Molly, Ruby and Sophie) are slumber partying it on the couch and Sara will sleep with me since Doug is still gone. But, I’m relaxing with a glass of wine and writing before I pick up a good book or catch up on Greys Anatomy. slumber party

slumber party

I’m looking forward to a weekend of fun with my girls, the SH library book sale (where I always find good nursing books),cleaning my house and car (I know I’m sick for enjoying it, but I’ll be satisfied with the results), a trip to the store for birthday party items (Sara turns 8 soon), reading and rest. Have a great weekend!!


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