Bye Bayfront

Today was my last day at Bayfront. Tomorrow starts my first day as a BayCare employee and nursing student. I’ll be at Mease Dunedin (the new hospital I’ll be working at) tomorrow morning to start all the new hire paperwork.

I’ll miss Bayfront terribly. I love it there, but BayCare is offering me more. Much more. It’s an apprenticeship that includes books and tuition paid for by the hospital and a weekly stipend.

I’ll miss the craziness of 5 South, trauma unit. I learned so much with some of the greatest nurses! They know how to be professional when its time to be professional and have fun when its time to have fun. Believe me, on 5S, you need to know how to have fun, because the craziness that walks on the floor calls for it. Lots of head trauma, the occasional suicide attempt, drug addicts and alcoholics, GSW (gun shot wound), vagrants, car and motorcycle crash victims, assault victims, prison inmates and the list goes on. There was never a dull moment and its hard not to get attached to some of the patients who stay for a while.

Today, one of our longer term patients (we will call her Ms. S) who spent a good 2 months in the unit, was discharged. Throughout her stay, she cursed every nurse and tech that walked in her room, called us dirty names, forced us to call security on her for disturbing the peace and pestered the revolving roommates that came and went in bed 1, next to her. But, my dear friend Kim and I were able to get through to her a few times. I’m sure other nurses got through, but I mostly worked with Kim when she was my patient. Kim managed to “lay down the law” while making Ms. S laugh at the same time. Kim makes everyone laugh and she doesn’t put up with crap. I loved being in the room when Kim would lecture our mean patient, but she’d always throw a little fun in as well. I think Kim was the only one who made Ms. S laugh. Once Ms. S’s stuff was gathered and packed, I wheeled her downstairs where her cab awaited. Even though Ms. S was mean, she liked me. We got along well. So, as I helped her into the cab I said, “today is your last day at Bayfront and mine too”. She gave me a big hug then refused to say goodbye or even look me in the eyes. Then I closed the door and watched the tears stream down her face. She waved goodbye as she looked through the dirty window, a barrier that made it safe for her to cry and her departure real. She’ll miss the unit. She’ll miss the people who took care of her despite her rudeness. I’ll miss the unit too. The same people who took care of me. They taught me so much. They laughed with me. They encouraged me as I cried in the break room the first time a patient got in my face. They bought me coffee and cookies regularly. They became such great friends to me, like a second family.

I leave Bayfront today as a better person. I’m more prepared for my nursing career and I know without a doubt that I’m on the right path! I have gained so many new and wonderful friends and nursing mentors. I have learned a lot about myself as well. My fears and doubts about wether or not I can pull off “patient care” has completely dissolved. I know I have many skills to learn in order to a competent nurse but the hardest part…… passion and desire to care for others…. is there inside of me.

What I’ll miss most about Bayfront is:

Kim R., Carly, Josh, Travis, Olga, Meagan, Jensen, Savannah, Christy, Lisa, Johnny, Melissa, Jen D, Tanesha, Tracy, Eric, Greg, Jen S., Ashley, Kim S., Richard, Nette, Lateka, Toya, Yenny, Brandy, Ricky, Tina, Jeff, David, Susan, patients……..BTW, this list is not in order of favorite to least favorite, although I’m sure you think it is, Kim R.!

There are so many other people and faces I’ll miss, but I’m tired and can’t think of anymore names.

I love you guys so much! Its not a goodbye, just a “see ya later”. I hope I have the honor of working with you in the future, and if not, let’s have a glass of wine or beer and dinner together soon! xoxo

Bye Bayfront! See you again friends.


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