I miss writing. So, I’m sitting down to write, even though I have no clue what to write about because its all the same lately…..blah blah blah, nursing, nursing, nursing….I have no life. It’s true, my life is school, Doug and the girls and thats it.

The girls are well and cute as ever. They let me practice my techniques on them all the time, except injections of course. I officially know how to administer meds via syringe and Doug thinks its horrible that I’m excited about that. Its not that I like to inflict pain, Ilove making people feel better Mr. Webber, and an injection will deliver meds to help sick people feel better or stay well. Additionally  its an art, thank you very much!

Anyways, the weekend was wonderful, we did a kayak trip to our beach by the Spa, cooked thai one night and watched the movie Kings of Summer, which I highly recommend.

Sophie, my little nurse, is taking great care of me because I’ve lost my voice and have a horrible cough. As I walked in from school today she greeted me at the door, sent me to my room and tucked me in bed, implemented a “no talking” order, and to drink the full bottle of water that she fetched from the fridge, specially for me. Believe me, I listened to doctor Sopha’s orders and slept for an hour, drank water and stopped talking! She really knows what she’s talking about because I felt much better afterwards.

Bridgett, our newest baby girl is my best study buddy. Ok, I’m off to practice for my head to toe skills check off tomorrow.

I miss and love you dear friends and family, but I’m plugging along, staying focused and doing very well and I hope you are too! xo

Night night!

study buddy


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