Nursing school is quite different this semester. It’s all good. I’m making good grades, learning loads of new information about the body and its systems, practicing new skills and relating to patients while caring for them in a different way then last semester (because of my new knowledge).

There is no lack of stress in nursing school.  This is because, the more I learn about the role and duty of the nurse, the more I wonder why I didn’t just go to med school!

There’s also no lack of drama either.

But, I stop and remember my goal, which is to give my patients the best care I can possibly give them in a holistic (mind, body, soul) kind of way. One year from this May, I will be done with nursing school and on my way to becoming an R.N.!

I could not do this without my beautiful and wonderful friends that are going through the nursing program with me. They have become family to me because we spend so much of our time together during the week.

I could not do this without the support of Doug. He’s amazing.

I appreciate all of my family and friends who understand when I’ve had to say, “no, I can’t come this time”, or “nope, I’m studying tonight” or “sorry, busy studying again” or “wish I could meet for coffee, but I have a test tomorrow”. Thanks for understanding everyone.

Nursing school is stressful, but at the same time it’s great, because I love what I’m learning and I love the people I care for. When I get stressed, I stop and remember the reason I’m doing all of this and making so many sacrifices.  Or, I take time to be with Doug and the girls because they bring so much joy, fun and laughter into my life, which in turn brings me great perspective. These are the things in life that make me so happy:


Tomorrow, I get to be with my 3 loves all day long! The girls are on spring break and I’m skipping clinicals. We’re headed to Busch Gardens for the day, then BBQ for dinner, with a movie to end the day. That’s my plan. When I should be doing a “nursing care plan”, I’ll be doing a “family care plan” instead, and that makes me happy.

And, this is how we find Baby every time we come home:




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