Semester 3 So Far

I started semester 3 of nursing school 4 weeks ago. So far, it’s been great. I just got my test results from my first exam and received a 94% or A, and a 100% on the math test. I’m thrilled. Say you’re proud.

We start clinical’s tomorrow morning, and with the new clinical rotation and a new semester, I find myself  feeling all kinds of emotions. As I get closer to graduating, the more excited and also the more  fearful  aware I become of how much I still need to learn. In an effort to try and cram everything I can into my brain, I’ve downloaded many audio lectures onto my iPhone, and whenever I’m cleaning the house, cooking dinner, or making school lunches, I soak in as much information as I can. The more I listen, the more I realize the complexity of nursing and the human body. The complexity is scary, but it’s also very exciting.  I can save lives! It’s funny too because all we hear as nursing student’s is “you could kill you patient. YOU COULD KILL YOUR PATIENT. You could kill you patient. Did we mention, you could kill your patient? You could kill your patient.” But, I’m choosing to rephrase that statement with, ” I can save my patient’s life. I can save lives. I save lives”.

This week has also brought about ethical challenges. Challenges that one only usually read’s about in textbooks, or hear’s in lecture. I’ve been pressed and anxious over something I had to address, and it was the last thing I wanted to do. When talking about a scenario similar to this in lecture, I along with all the other student’s gasp in despair and vow we would never let something like this fly on our shift. We all state we’d report something so erroneous. But, this week was a true test of that, and I hated it. Every second of it. I did the right thing though. My number one reason for becoming a nurse, is to care for and advocate for the patient. And, I got to live out my mission statement, but it wasn’t easy. It won’t be the first time I’m forced to do this. I’m passionate about excellent and holistic patient care, and I’ll fight for that forever. I’ll fight for the patient who can’t. I’ll fight for the family members who don’t know how to fight for their families members’ life. It’s been a rough week. A week of many emotions, but I love it too. I’m becoming a nurse, and learning so much already.

Have a great week friends!


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