My Other Family

On Monday December 8th, me and my friends sisters (and our bro), arrived on campus of our nursing school for final exams, and with us we brought a load of  nerves and excitement. When each one of us hit the submit button on the computer screen (some of us faster then others….Ali), that meant the end of semester 3 and the beginning of our last semester in nursing school. It was a great feeling, and all of us were beyond ready for a little reprieve, and time with our families to celebrate the hoilday’s. But, we needed to celebrate another great semester together first, and we did just that!

Our most creative and domesticated sister Vickie, hosted an end of the semester and “we’re in semester 4 now” party at the Carlouel Yacht Club. Here’s a peek at the awesome invitation she created:

The night was wonderful, and as you can see by the menu above we enjoyed a fabulous dinner! We also enjoyed dessert, wine and plenty of laughs together around a fireplace that overlooked the water. It was what we needed after a very busy semester, and we were very appreciative to Vickie for making it all happen.

I’m so thankful for my other family, the ladies I spend so much of my life with. We carry each other through the rough times. We laugh together. We fight. We eat early morning breakfasts together on exam days. We meet for coffee to study. We run around Tyrone Mall occasionally during lunch break,  just to get away from campus. We’ve witnessed one another start a first IV, or try new skills. We assist one another during clinical’s. We send bad text messages to each other during those “too long” lecture days (only occasionally). And, we play practical jokes on one another like high schoolers do….thanks Sam and Ali for diluting my last few sips of coffee with cold water!  I love these people, and I’m thankful that I get to go through nursing school with them.

Meet my other family (and not all are were able to make it that night):

Cheers to all of us for a  wonderful semester 4, which starts in a week!


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