From My Secret Santa

Every year for the annual Guruz Media company Christmas party, we exchange names for Secret Santa. We meet at one of my favorite places to eat, Cafe Carmel, for dinner, wine, dessert and the Secret Santa exchange. Christy is in charge of Secret Sana, and she does a great job with this task. She creates little note cards for each person, and on each card she types a little synopsis of that person’s likes, dislikes and ideal gift ideas. This makes it much easier in knowing what to purchase for the one you’ve chosen.

Here’s the card she created for me.

Secret Santa

She was also my secret santa, which made me very happy. She got my name last year, and she’s a great giver, because she’s thoughtful. In my opinion, she won the award for best gift. When I opened the small jewelry box that was so perfectly wrapped, I found this:



I love it!! It’s so me, and so thoughtful. The best part about it though was her words to me as I started putting it around my neck. She said, “This is for all the hearts you will touch and all the lives you’ll save.” Thank you SO much Christy! I love love love it, and I love what it means to me. I will wear it and always remember the reason I chose to become a nurse. I feel honored to have the opportunity to not only help save lives, but to also touch hearts.

Thanks again!
Thanks again!

If you like the necklace you can purchase it here:

It was another great year for Guruz Media. Great job to an amazingly talented team and cheers to a wonderful 2015!



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