This Moment

I completed the first week of semester 4 of nursing school. I can vividly remember last year at this time, when I sat in the front row of the classroom, listening to my professor talk about the papers that would be due, and the expectations for the semester, as I started semester 2. But then my mind would wander, and I’d start thinking about my friend Janet who was starting semester 4 a few classes down. The pang of jealousy arose, and I longed to be where she was.

Now I’m here in semester 4, and I should be over thrilled with the fact that I’m almost done, but instead, I think to myself I’m only just beginning. This is ridiculous thinking, I know it. But my thoughts wander to all that I have to do before I can apply for my bachelor’s in nursing, and then my master’s. And that’s when I feel so far behind, and  as though I haven’t even started yet. And, in a way I haven’t. Until I’m a practicing nurse, and a year has elapsed (from what I’ve heard from new nurses), I’m sure that I’ll feel so novice.

But, then I have to stop and think to myself~ Enjoy this process. I have to remind myself of this all the time, to be mindful and in the moment; to stop and enjoy every step of this process. Each phase will bring about new insight and all the experiences combined will mold me into the nurse I will be. Each patient I encounter will teach me something new. Each experience will be different. And that is what I love about nursing. No patient or experience is exactly the same. The nurse is forced to constantly critically think, and the nurse is always learning.

So, I stop and enjoy this moment as I study acute intracranial problems, the proper administration of blood products, TPN, and IV push meds.

I continue my studying and realize that it’s all apart of the process, and a step closer.

My home study space:

….and a 5am Starbuck’s study space:

Starbuck's study space

My mornings start early… at 5 am, so that I can get 2 hours of study time in before class. In order to maintain a quiet environment, I leave the house and set up at the Starbuck’s down the street. I put my headphones in to drown out the conversationalist’s, and to also visually communicate to my harbor friends that “I can’t talk right now”.

And this is my new favorite Pandora station, for studying:

Film Score's Radio

Have a great week, and enjoy this moment!!


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