I just have to say that I’m thrilled right now. I just received my grade from the 1st test of the semester, and I only missed 1 question out of 50….giving me a BIG FAT A+!!!!

I want to post on Facebook. I want a pat on the back. I want a smiley face sticker on the back of my hand : ) I want a glass of wine to celebrate. I dream of someone asking me how I did on the exam, while I proudly walk the halls of nursing school. Humbleness? Heck no, I worked hard for that! This is me being honest, and this is me being human. Doesn’t everyone want to brag on personal accomplishment’s?

But, I will post here and only here. This is my spot. This is a place for me to wander back and remember that it can be done,  especially if I’m feeling overwhelmed throughout this last semester. I’m gonna keep my mouth shut. No one else will know (except you reading here). I’m proud of myself and I’ll celebrate this accomplishment with Doug tonight.

But, just in case I didn’t mention it, I just made a big fat A+!

I’m feeling ready to attack this last semester, and this is definitely a great start!


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