There’s no better place to study then on the dock in the warm Florida sunshine. It’s a perfect 73* and the sun provides me with the Vitamin D that I need, and a break from the usual study zone indoors. It’s quiet out here, and there’s a slight breeze in the air. It’s just me and my books, with an occasional break to
look out over the vast blue bay. I hear fish jumping and I hope a dolphin will visit, but I haven’t seen one yet. Doug bragged about seeing several dolphins yesterday, while kayaking. I feel grateful, and my brain has a second to reflect as I sit in quiet, with so much beauty surrounding me. It’s what I need right now,with all the noise that continuously surrounds my days. The noises come from my books, from the voices of a little 7 year old and 9 year old, from classmates and clinical instructors, from patients, from 3 cats, from the radio and TV, and mostly from my thoughts. The sounds of life are good, and I love and crave most all of them, but silence is amazing. This is amazing.



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