This is my study zone for the day.

Study zone

For most, this  probably doesn’t look as appealing as lying on the beach in the sun while reading, and perhaps it isn’t. But, I have to say, I’m enjoying my study zone. Pandora plays Lindsey Stirling Radio through my headphones, a Starbuck’s cappuccino is close by and I’m about to be “in the zone”. I actually enjoy the material I study, which is a good thing. The biggest and greatest thought in my head though, is that ~ this will be the last exam of nursing school. I’ll reward myself this afternoon by lying in the sun on the dock with a nice drink. I’ll probably having reading and study material in tow, but I’m almost done!  Then, it will be all about studying for the big board exam, NCLEX. I’m one step and one day closer to being an R.N.



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