Nurse’s Week 2016

Happy Nurse’s week to a team of people who amaze me! I approach my one year anniversary as an R.N. next month!  I’ve neglected this site for a few months, due to an outrageously active schedule. I work full-time, was attending classes full-time this semester, and I care for my family full-time, but I’m excited to have a little extra space in my schedule now that I’ve completed my semester, and all the pre-reque’s for the BSN program. My goal all along was to write about my experiences as a new nurse in my first year of nursing, but other things took priority, and that’s ok. Those things were important. Now, as the summer approaches, and school is behind me for a little bit, I will share (in parts), some of the rewards of nursing, the challenges, and some tips that carried me through my first year!

The big question you may want to ask me, might be, do you like being a nurse? A second question might be, was it all you thought it would be?  I’d have to yes and no! Yes, I love being a nurse, and I’m beyond honored for the servitude I put in during each shift, because I give a lot to the people who come into my life each shift. It is extremely rewarding on so many levels, and there are days in which I walk off the floor, feeling so proud of the accomplishments I made for those under my care. There are also shifts in which I walk off crying and overwhelmed too. To the second question, I would have to reply with a no! There is SO much more to nursing then I ever imagined possible, and the responsibility and amount of critical thinking, prioritizing, leading and adaptability required is beyond what I expected.  Don’t hear me wrong though, I do love that about nursing, because it’s a challenge and each day is different and interesting in it’s own way. Nursing is far from boring or monotonous, because I never know what the day will bring, no matter how tight my plan may be.

I will elaborate deeper about my feelings, and my first year experiences as a nurse, in future post’s, but in short, this Nurse’s Week, I have such a bigger amount of respect and admiration for the role and responsibility the nurse plays in the lives of the patient’s he/she cares for.

Happy Nurses Week to those men and women out there who hold the title of nurse. To those nurses’s out there around the world, who serve others, give a piece of themselves everyday, love beyond what they’re capable of sometimes, advocate for those who don’t have a voice, teach, comfort by holding a hand or providing a listening ear, sacrifice peeing on time, and sacrifice eating at a decent hour,  I’m honored to work alongside you! I’m honored to carry the title of R.N., and to be apart of this profession. I’m honored that patient’s allow me into their lives and open up to me in their most vulnerable and scary moments in life. Happy Nurse’s Week fellow nurses! Do something kind for yourself this week, like you do for others everyday. You deserve it.






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