Emergency Room Nurse

About 6 weeks ago I applied online for an Emergency Room Internship through the hospital system I work for. For as long as I can remember I’ve wanted to be an ER nurse. I remember the days when I was young, maybe 12, when my family was gifted our first encyclopedia set. I read everything I could about nursing; how to tie a tourniquet, first aid, and CPR. At that time, that was what “being a nurse” meant to me. I now know it’s so much more, and I love being a nurse!

Anyways, since applying, I’ve shadowed at a few different ER’s, polished my resume, dreamed of what it will be like to run around the ER as apart of a team who saves lives, talked out loud about which ER to work in, with ALL of my co-workers (I love you guys for listening), and interviewed with two ER managers. I was torn between the hospital I currently work at, which is a bit smaller but is “home” to me, or a hospital with a bigger ER, and possibly more experience. With much thought and advice,  my heart and gut kept directing me back to home, the hospital I’ve worked at for 3 years and volunteered at for 2 years. I love the ER there and those who work there!

Today I was offered a position in the ER at Dunedin, where I work now!  Yay!! I’m beyond thrilled right now. The program will be 6 months in length, and is quite tough I’m told. I always love a new challenge though, so I’m ready and excited!

I’ve already started the process of ACLS and ECG review.


It’s time to celebrate! I see a nice dinner and a glass of red wine in my near future. Cheers friends, and thanks to those who have listened and given honest advice throughout this process.

Lorena Webber, Emergency Room RN  : )


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