About me and this blog


This was the home for my thoughts on nursing school, and now it’s transformed into a place for my thoughts about life as an R.N.

This is the home to the papers I’ve written in nursing school, and the many more papers I’ll write throughout my career.

This is the starting point for the book I plan on having published someday. I’m not sure what I’ll write about yet, but it will come to me. Perhaps the book  will be a compilation of stories from a nurse’s my perspective, or a book about how to be the best nurse in the hospital, or a guide for new nurses, or a nursing text book. I don’t know at this point, but I’m going to write a book, and for now this blog will serve as a foundation…..a starting point, for this so called book.

I began writing when I started a family blog back in 2010. It was a way for me to capture as much as I could for my girls, so that they can look back on their lives when they’re grown and gone. Since starting the family blog, I’ve discovered a form of art that I never knew existed inside of me: writing. And let me be clear, I’m not a real writer in a the way you’d think. I haven’t taken a course or courses on writing. I haven’t published a book. I’m not an academic writer, a journalist or a columnist. I have a lot to learn, but I write because I love to write, regardless of the millions out there that really know how to write.

In addition to writing, I’ve desired to be a nurse since I was 10 years old. I remember attending a Babysitting and First Aid course through The American Red Cross. I was more interested in the first aid portion of the course then I was in the babysitting portion of the course. This is what ignited my passion for nursing, as well as the book Helen Keller that I started reading in that same summer.

Throughout my younger years, I took a C.N.A. (certified nursing assistant) course, worked at a local hospital as a unit secretary and eventually (after marriage) started my career as an ophthalmic technician and LASIK Coordinator at a busy ophthalmology hospital. Then my husband Doug and I, found out that I was pregnant with our first daughter Sara. At that time I decided to stay at home to work as a mommy. Two and a half years later, Sophia, our second daughter was born.

I had the privilege and honor to stay at home with my girls for 8 years. In 2010, I decided to re-start my journey down the road to becoming a nurse. I spent 2 slow years working on completing my pre-requisites and by the end of 2012 I finished the check list. In addition to working through my prerequisites, I volunteered in the critical care department of a local hospital for nearly 3 years.

In the beginning of 2013 I applied for the nursing program and was accepted. I began my nursing classes in the Fall of 2013, which brings me to where I am today. I have completed nursing school and passed the NCLEX-RN. Of course that’s not the end, the bachelor’s degree and eventually a masters degree will follow. My goal is to work towards receiving a license as a nurse practitioner. But, my biggest goal of all is to care for people in a way that no one else does. I desire to be a master in my field and this is exactly what I plan to do.

It seems as though the biggest bridge I’ve crossed so far, is the bridge that begins at the street,  I want to be a nurse and ends at the street R.N.  I’ve walked across that bridge, and the next big bridge is in view, the bridge that starts at the street RN  and ends at the street  NP (nurse practitioner). I’m enjoying the walk and scenery as I make my way across these bridges. There are beautiful moments, scary moments, moments in which I’ve tripped over a rusty popped up nail in the old bridge,  and sometimes moments in which I’m not sure  which path I should take, when I approach that split in the bridge. But, the journey is not just about making it from point A to point B, it’s also about all that I get to see, learn and experience along it’s course.

This blog is a marriage of the two passions in my life, second to my family; nursing and writing.

If you’d like to read about my lovely family, you can click here



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